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Boiler / Pipe Insulation

Water storage tank with ACM (painted red)
Water storage tank after removal and air test
Boiler with transite panels
Boiler with transite panels

Here are some pictures of asbestos-containing boiler and pipe insulation. Typically, a boiler is insulated with a “mud-like” material that is manually packed on a boiler surface to insulate it and keep it more efficient. This material was usually not sold “ready to use” and was required to be mixed on-site. Therefore the amount of asbestos that was actually mixed in to the mud-like material varies. This material was also used on pipe fittings (elbows, tees, etc.)

Pipe insulation was sold in preformed sections about three feet long. A very common application was a corrugated material that had asbestos material applied between the layers of cardboard. This material was called “Air-Cell”. In most cases, a cloth was wrapped around the insulation and light-weight metal bands were installed to secure the insulation to pipe. We sometimes see Air-Cell used as boiler insulation also.