Tile / Flooring

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Tile / Flooring

Carpeted Foyer covering 9" x 9" VAT and ACM mastic
9" x 9" VAT pulling up with carpet
Foyer after VAT removal
Foyer after ACM mastic removal

Floor tile that contains asbestos is referred to as Vinyl Asbestos Tile, or VAT. The most common size is 9 inch x 9 inch tile, although we do see 12 inch x 12 inch tile that also contains asbestos. Tile that is in good condition is recommended to be left alone. One of the most common reasons for removing VAT is that is has become loose or broken due to a flood or repeated moisture exposure. This can make the tile more prone to break or crack from normal traffic, causing a fiber release. Most people choose not to install a new flooring material over VAT because the floor tile may loosen over time, causing the new material to “buckle” or crack. It’s always best to install flooring on a “permanent” substrate.

In addition to the floor tiles containing asbestos, the glue or “mastic” used to adhere the tiles to the substrate may also contain asbestos. Since this material is very unlikely to release fibers, (unless you are going to drill, break, sand, grind etc.) some of our customers have chosen to keep the mastic in place.

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