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Vermiculite (enlarged for detail)
Vermiculite in attic (before abatement)
Attic area after abatement and air testing

Vermiculite is a light-weight material that is “poured” between attic joists and in wall cavities for insulation. It comes in several different sizes, and is shiny metallic in color.

Vermiculite is also a naturally occurring mineral like asbestos. Vermiculite, in its pure raw form, does not contain asbestos. However, 80% of the world’s vermiculite came out of a mine in Libby, MT. This mine was contaminated with a not-so-common form of asbestos called tremolite. Since the current testing methods are inadequate in detecting this form of asbestos content in the vermiculite, the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency has directed that we should “assume the material contains asbestos”.

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