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Sold Home For Sale Sign in Front of New House

You are selling your home and…

You just know that there is “something” going on in your home that is causing the symptoms that you or your family are experiencing, but can’t narrow down the source.
You are wondering if that past flooding event that you “cleaned up” yourself has left a residual mold issue.
You need to get your ducts cleaned or furnace/boiler replaced, but you are concerned that they may be insulated with asbestos.
You went up in your attic for the first time since you bought the home and found a "mold surprise" or even worse, vermiculite insulation!
The flooring company just left and said that they can’t install your new flooring over “possible asbestos tile” and you need answers and /or abatement fast!
You need someone to fix your mold problem without leaving any trace of remediation. (We do not PAINT over mold, we eliminate it!)
You want to make sure that if the buyer performs a mold test, you have nothing to worry about.

You are buying your home and…

You are not confident that the seller is being honest about the "water intrusion" history
You need laboratory results stating that there is no elevated levels of mold indoors.
You need peace of mind that you are moving your family into a safe indoor environment.
You are concerned about your children’s health and their allergies to mold in your new home.
Your home inspector flagged a "mold-like substance" and you need professional assessment.
You know that there is a mold issue and need an estimate to arm yourself in negotiations.
Asbestos inspection

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You are not confident that the seller is being honest about the "previous water intrusion" history when they say “everything is okay!”
You can’t afford to encounter any asbestos, mold or air quality surprises that could cause your buyer to walk.
The buyers home inspector flagged a “possible mold or discoloration” issue, or a “potential asbestos material” and you need an honest assessment, testing, and or “fixing” of the situation.
You are concerned about buying a home with an environmental issue that may affect the health of your family or cost huge dollars to remedy.
The only thing holding up the sale / purchase of your home is an asbestos or mold issue, and you need to get that taken care of so you can begin your next chapter!!
You need someone who offers a complete fix of the problem, not just mold remediation.
Your client decides at the last minute before closing that they need a mold test or inspection.
You need "same day" turn-around on a mold test or lab results.
You want someone who "gets it", and won’t make a BIG deal out of a small situation.
You want someone that will put your client first, every time.
Asbestos inspection

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Your tenant or employee has expressed concerns that there is an environmental issue in your property, and you need to validate or dismiss their concerns.
You need to make sure that your investment property you are considering buying doesn’t end up to be an environmental nightmare with a building attached!
You found a great property that has an obvious mold issue, and you need an assessment/ estimate for remediation so you can make a responsible offer.
You have noticed a mold or asbestos issue starting to unravel at your workplace, and you need the problem taken care of without alarming your employees or staff.
You are ready to liquidate some assets and you need to make sure that you are getting top dollar for your properties that are environmentally issue-free!