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You are selling your home and...
  • You can't afford any mold surprises that could cause your buyer to walk.
  • You are wondering if that flood from years ago has left a residual mold issue.
  • You went up in your attic for the first time since you bought the place and found a "mold surprise".
  • You need someone to fix your mold problem without leaving any trace of remediation. (We do not PAINT over mold, we eliminate it!)
  • You want to make sure that if the buyer performs a mold test, you have nothing to worry about.

You are buying a home and...
  • You are not confident that the seller is being honest about the "water intrusion" history.
  • You need laboratory results stating that there is no elevated levels of mold indoors.
  • You need peace of mind that you are moving your family into a safe indoor environment.
  • You are concerned about your children's health and their allergies to mold in your new home.
  • Your home inspector flagged a "mold-like substance" and you need professional assessment.
  • You know that there is a mold issue and need an estimate to arm yourself in negotiations.


Call us when...
  • You need someone that won't "scare" your client just to get a project.
  • You want an honest assessment of the current conditions.
  • Your client needs assurance that they are not "going to die from black mold!"
  • You need someone who offers a complete fix of the problem, not just mold remediation.
  • Your client decides at the last minute before closing that they need a mold test or inspection.
  • You need "same day" turn-around on a mold test or lab results.
  • You want someone who "gets it", and won't make a BIG deal out of a small situation.
  • You want someone that will put your client first, every time.


 Call us when...

  • Your tenants are complaining of a "mold smell" and you need to verify or dismiss their concern.
  • You need to make sure you are not buying a costly mold problem with a building attached.
  • You or your investors need a reliable estimate for remediation so you can submit an accurate bid.
  • You have noticed a mold issue and need it resolved before your employees become alarmed.

Home Reviews About Us Call Us When... FAQs - Facts Contact Great Environmental
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