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  • You are considering putting your house up for sale and you need the atmosphere "neutralized".
  • You just bought a "pre-owned" home and you want to "format" the entire home, eradicating it of everything the previous owners "left behind".
  • You have mold in your attic or basement, and you need a low-cost "chemical - free" process to kill it.
  • You or your family members are showing symptoms of having a mold problem, but you can't see it anywhere in the house.
  • You just had family over and you just couldn't tell them not to smoke in your house, and now they're gone but the odor remains!
  • You just got new carpet put down and you are sensitive to the formaldehyde fumes and need them neutralized.
  • You have a pest problem and you need a "chemical free" method to kill them.
  • You just bought "pre-owned" upholstered furniture and you want to get the smell and "stuff" out before you let your family use it.
  • You borrowed your car to someone and they smoked in it all week and you can't get the smell out. (yuk!)
  • Your husband's football game party has been over for a week, but it smells like it's only halftime!
  • Your kids got "sick" in the car on the last road trip and you get a "reminder" every time you drive somewhere!
  • You need to destroy the evidence of your all night "Hold 'Em" tournament before your sweetie gets home from her trip. (odors only guys, the "rest" is up to you ;)



  • You are a Real Estate Agent and you have a listing that has a bad odor or smoke smell and you can't sell it.
  • You are a remodeling guy that has a property with air quality issues.
  • You are doing a rehab and you need a low-cost "mold kill".
  • You have a rental unit and you need to "clean up" the air from the previous renter.
  • You run a daycare or a preschool and you want to guarantee the parents a clean, sanitized, disinfected germ and bacteria-free environment for their children.
  • You run an assisted living home or nursing home and you need to clean disinfect and sanitize the rooms, apartments, or "Common Areas" at your facility.
  • You own a business or work in a situation where you transport people and are concerned about you or your employees "catching something" (ambulance, medi-car, police, school bus, etc)
  • You have a locker / shower area at your facility, and............ Say no more!
  • You are an athletic director or coach and you need the "shared" equipment disinfected and sanitized after the season (and before the next season!) Can you imagine odor-free football pads and hockey equipment??? Done!
  • Your school holds wrestling tournaments in the cafeteria every weekend, and you need the place germ, bacteria, and virus-free for the Monday morning breakfast club!


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Clean Air Allergies Air purification Clean air testing Air purification contact Great Environmental Air contact Great Environmental Air
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