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Jerry Hall   |   Jul 28, 2021

Importance of Indoor Air Quality, Mold Testing, and Mold Remediation

indoor mold
indoor mold

The most significant pointer I can give a homeowner about mold tests is making them familiar with the misconception bordering bleach and mold elimination. The reality is that bleach isn’t as effective in eliminating and stopping mold growth as most people believe. The EPA even recommends not using bleach in their manual on home mold and mildew. The main reasons are below.

Dead mold and mildew can still create allergies, so any mold and mildew you eliminate must be removed.

– Bleach cannot eliminate mold and mildew in porous materials like timber, drywall, and textiles. It will just stop from the surface level, but the mold and mildew origins will stay and regrow.

– The MOST crucial step in mold and mildew remediation is avoiding new mold and mildew growth. Bleach does nothing to stop further development, and without taking this step, mold and mildew will undoubtedly continue to expand.

Essentially, bleach is only helpful against mold and mildew on hard, impervious surfaces. Also then, if the mold remains to return, other actions require to be taken to eliminate this health hazard.

Currently, I want to share an instance of exactly how I have effectively gotten rid of and prevented brand-new mold growth for a client.

Mold in the attic:

Many of my consumers have been dealing with mold and mildew for several years. When they see it, they bleach it. When it returns, they bleach it time and again. A client of mine called after having his home on the marketplace for a year. Unfortunately, the buyers’ home inspector located mold and mildew in the attic room. This would not help the buyers because they had two small children with mold allergies. The potential buyer was going to walk away from putting an offer down on the house.

I was able to meet with the potential buyers through the realtor and recommend some options that would fix the mold and mildew issues.

– Step 1: Total our super-effective mold removal procedure throughout the entire attic room. Unlike bleach, our approach can eliminate the roots of the mold and mildew, also in porous surface areas like timber.

– Step 2: Mount avoidance actions to guarantee the mold and mildew will certainly not return. Homes are developed to take full advantage of insulation which frequently causes marginal airflow. This can create moisture accumulation and breeding premises for mold and mildew. Our reliable approaches allow homeowners to avoid new mold growth before it starts.

– Step 3: Follow up with post-remediation air testing on the upper level of the house. This makes sure the best possible problems are commonly where the kids’ rooms are located.

Our three action plans exceeded the customers’ expectations and guaranteed them the home they wanted was risk-free for their children.

What should you examine for?

Another client of mine called me because he didn’t realize what was causing a burning sensation in his five-year-old, girl’s throat. Several journeys to an ear, nose, and throat doctor left him without any answers, so the medical
professional lastly suggested that he obtain an indoor air quality test.

At first, they hired a business that marketed him on “mold-only screening.” Of course, that was the only testing they do. The outcomes came back great, with no raised mold. While it’s great news that he didn’t have a mold and mildew problem, this did not tell him what made his little girl ill. His experience resembled the many distressed customers that call our workplace. He hired and paid BIG MONEY for a person hoping he would get a solution to aid his daughter, yet all he obtained were test results. Clearly, by now my client was irritated regarding having invested a lot of money and time and not getting any kind of actual responses. After a prolonged discussion, we chose that our screening services would supply a much more detailed evaluation of the air quality in his house and assist us in getting to the source and deal solutions for his child. The examination we decided on covered over 500 potential contaminants that might be impacting his child, in addition to mold spores!

Our screening results were intriguing, showing a high degree of alcohol concentration airborne from their house. Although high alcohol concentration airborne isn’t something most people think to evaluate for, it just made good
sense after discussing his little girl’s signs and symptoms. On our follow-up call, we underwent extensive checklists of house items that contain high levels of alcohol. Among the things was the family’s “go-to” item for cleansing and sterilizing. The family members went through their residence and changed all items with a high level of alcohol with safer options, and the little girls’ signs and symptoms diminished! I was thrilled that we could find the cause, go over choices to treat the issue and provide the solid solution he was trying to find.

My Solution:

In my years of experience servicing indoor air quality and mold tests, many house owners are in the same boat. They have uncertainty about “something taking place in my home” causing them or their kid’s detailed symptoms.
Perhaps they have examined for mold and mildew or a couple of other points. However, these tests just told them what had not been causing their problems.

That is why we have made it our service to provide our customers a far better choice than just “mold and mildew”, examinations for indoor air impurities, and offer solutions to eliminate them.

This brings me to my final factor.

Several tests and testing services use the capability to identify hazardous toxic substances in your home. However, they don’t give a solution. We provide it all. An interior air high-quality expert and removal professional. You do
not need to think about whether you can get rid of the carcinogen as well as you do not have to look for a contractor with experience remediating internal air top quality issues.

If you have not had your house’s indoor air quality examined or have mold and mildew issues, please give us a call.

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