Environmental Field Technician


Great Environmental Inc. has provided high-quality professional environmental services with an exceptional customer service experience since 1999. As we continue to grow and adapt to meet our customer’s needs, we are actively growing our team in the Chicagoland area!

Our candidates must:

  • Have a passion for serving customers and compassion for their needs.
  • Be accountable: we will set clear agreements and be held accountable for our actions.
  • Describe themselves as a “Go Getter”: ambitious, organized, detail-oriented, independent, and teachable.

Experience and Education desired for this role:

  • Minimum of 2 years of environmental or abatement experience.
  • Minimum of 2 years previous sales/customer service industry.
  • A current or previously IL-licensed asbestos abatement worker or supervisor would be a plus!

Skills Required to Excel in this Position:

  • Ability to create and develop sales relationships face-to-face with new customers.
  • Organized to manage appointments and schedules.
  • Proficient or teachable in technology, apps, emails, etc.
  • Field “take off” skills regarding assessments, measurements, and documentation.
  • Excellent English speaking is required; proficiency in Spanish is a plus!


You will be responsible for taking GREAT care of our customers. You will be going to appointments in our customer’s homes/businesses to perform assessments of their environmental issues regarding asbestos and mold. (Training will be provided). The appointments will be set up in advance by our office on the pre-arranged dates between the candidate and our office. The assessment includes collecting and providing field data to our office so that we can provide estimates and proposals to our customers. (You will not be removing or disturbing asbestos.) This position is a long-term, part-time position with flexible working days servicing our new customers in their homes/businesses. The position will start at 2 days a week with an option for expansion. This position is for a 1099-IL independent contractor (non-employee) and has no additional benefits or insurance. If interested in inquiring, fill out the form below and check “Opportunities at Great Environmental” box. You will be contacted via email.